Good Practices: EU Islands in the Energy Transition

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Islands across the EU have been pioneering the energy transition for more than 20 years, and are today providing an impressive range of inspiring projects for other islands as well as for mainland communities.

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While some islands have been able to develop their knowledge over decades, some islands  are only just starting their process. To help these islands on their journey, the Clean Energy for EU Islands Secretariat has selected a number of inspiring examples to learn from.

Despite their common features, EU islands vary greatly when it comes to electricity grids, geographic specificities, local population, tourism and other aspects, all of which affect the stability of the energy grid and create energy planning challenges.

The new Clean Energy Package puts citizens at the core of the energy transition, which is particularly relevant for island communities. It allows them to take their fate into their own hands, and work with all relevant stakeholders to accelerate the transition process.

We hope the examples provided in this document will provide you with inspiration for the clean energy transition in your own island community!

Published date : 16 Dec 2019