Video: Cres-Lošinj in transition


The video “Energy transition of the Cres-Lošinj Archipelago” consists of a series of statements made by representatives of several stakeholders involved in the energy  transition in the archipelago.

Less than two years ago, the Island Development Agency managed to mobilise and bring together stakeholders from the public, private, civil and academic sectors around the common idea of elaborating a joint Agenda of the energy transition. You can learn about different initiatives that have being carried out on the archipelago.

The biggest result that has been achieved so far is the increased collaboration among the stakeholders and concerted approach to the transition coordinated by the Island Development Agency, which has hired a new person in the role of the energy transition manager.



Organisations involved in the archipelago's energy transition

OTRA, Island Development Agency, Utility Company Cres-Lošinj, Water Supply and Drainage Cres-Lošinj, Town of Cres, Town of Mali Lošinj, Regional Energy Agency, Jadranka d.d., Cresanka d.d., Tourist Board Cres, Tourist Board Mali Lošinj, Primary School Frane Petrić Cres, Primary School Mario Martinolić Mali Lošinj

Published date : 26 Oct 2020