Where can you meet us next?

EU Islands - Where can you meet us next?

Representatives of the Secretariat will be present at the European Utility Week in Vienna on 7-8 November, and at COP24 in Katowice on 6 December. If you are attending any of these events, come and meet us!

European Utility Week

Islands will be in the spotlight as a blueprint for local decisionmaking during the session on Decentralised Intelligence.

The session in a nutshell: In order to build a decentralized energy system, there is a need for decisions and optimization at the local level. Whether it is about financing, balancing, planning or sourcing the energy of communities, the decision needs to be taken by citizens, for citizens. This stands in contrast to the current system, where globalization has encouraged markets, thinking and decisions to be made from the top down rather than from the bottom up. This leaves a large number of communities on the sidelines. How can decision-making at the local level be made both more fair and efficient? What kinds of incentives and tools need to be implemented? What needs to shift in people's minds?

You can find more information on the European Utility Week here...


On 6 December at COP24, the Secretariat will host a side-event on the context of the clean energy transition on Europe's islands in the EU Pavillion, focusing on challenges and opportunities faced by island communities on the path of the energy transition. EU island representatives will discuss the transition from the perspectives of citizens, local authorities, business and academia. The panel discussion will further feature technical and community experts. More information to come!