!!CANCELLED!! - Workshop: Finland - an archipelago in transition

20.04.2020 09:00
- 16:00
Skärgårdsinstitutet at Åbo Akademi, Turku/Åbo

Clean Energy for EU Islands Secretariat & FÖSS
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!!Due to the current emergency measures related to the COVID 19, it has been decided to cancel our Workshop in Finland. We hope to soon get back to you with a new date!!

The Clean Energy for EU Islands Secretariat, together with the National Association of Finnish Islands (FÖSS), is inviting the Finnish and Åland islands' stakeholders to meet in April to build capacity, grow ideas and expand your network for collaboration.

The Workshop will bring together national and international experts and islanders to discuss the challenges and opportunities of the archipelago with a focus on two themes:


  • Theme #1 : Financing the clean energy transition
    How can islands with the ambition of phasing out fossil fuels tackle the financing challenge to move their plans towards implementation? The workshop will focus on a hands on approach to financing of projects with inputs and ideas from national, and international funding lines and financing mechanisms
  • Theme #2 :Transport and mobility in the archipelago
    How does the future of the mobility of the archipelago look like? In this theme, the main stakeholders are invited around the table to discuss and share inputs on how we move around in a financial, social and environmental smart way. Ferry routes, car sharing, car pooling, demand responsive transport, rethinking public transport are all elements that must be taken into consideration when thinking a livable and sustainable archipelago.


The event will take place in Skärgårdsinstitutet at Åbo Akademi in Turku/Åbo.

The working language of the workshop is going to be English.

Detailed program will follow.

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