From island vision to project implementation – The Clean Energy for EU Islands Secretariat contributes to the BRIDGE General Assembly

03.03.2021 14:00
- 16:00
BRIDGE General Assembly 2021

Bridge General Assembly 2021

The Clean Energy for EU Islands Secretariat will contribute on March 3rd to a parallel session of the BRIDGE General Assembly, addressing the potential of EU islands to become the locomotives of the European Energy Transition.

As has been recognized by the “Political Declaration on Clean Energy for EU Islands” signed in 2017, islands and island regions face a particular set of energy challenges and opportunities due to their specific geographic and climatic conditions. Energy production costs on EU islands are up to ten times higher than on the mainland; therefore the large-scale deployment of local renewable energy sources and storage systems brings economic benefits and, at the same time, contributes to decarbonising the energy system of the island, reducing greenhouse gases emissions and improving air quality. In this context, the fast growth of energy production from renewable energy sources offers new and economically attractive opportunities for decarbonising local energy systems.

The parallel session will explore the key challenges to unlock the potential of EU islands in becoming the front-runners in the energy transition process. Together with the EU Islands Facility NESOI, the island community of Samsø and other Energy Islands projects, participants will debate on how to decarbonise the local energy systems and how to develop renewable energy-base systems while ensuring a positive impact on the wider energy infrastructure, on the local economy and communities. By bringing together different actors with their different experiences, the final scope of the parallel sessions is to identify concrete actions to be implemented by strengthening the collaboration between projects.

During this parallel session, the Clean Energy for EU Islands Secretariat will present its Explore-Shape-Act approach and introduce the objectives and activities of the next two years of the Secretariat.

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