The Next Big Thing in Energy: how Microgrids are taking over the World

15.09.2020 14:30
- 29.09.2020 17:00


The comfort and assurance of a very stable grid on the European mainland has made us complacent and given us a false sense of energy security, assuming the power grid will always be on and will always work flawlessly. However, with the increasing penetration of renewables and continuous electrification of key-functions in society, serious grid congestion issues and resulting energy imbalances are increasing dramatically. Looking at countries with a less reliable grid, including islands nations and remote developing nations, can teach us what works and what doesn’t as the world shifts toward a more resilient and sustainable energy future via microgrids.

Come and join a world-class group of energy sustainable energy transition experts and supporters to learn from an international panel about how to boost resilience through military & humanitarian, islands & remote and commercial & industrial microgrid. The keynote will be provided by Peter Asmus, an internationally renowned authority in the field of microgrids. Peter will be sharing a global perspective on microgrids, recent developments and future resource and deployment trends. 

Following this introduction, we will zoom in on 3 distinct microgrid categories: I) Military & Humanitarian Microgrids, II) Island & Remote Microgrids and III) Commercial & Industrial Microgrids.  

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