Smart Islands and Regions Labs partnership development conference

30.09.2019 10:00
- 02.10.2019 17:00
Mljet, Croatia

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Photo: Mljet, Croatia (ivanbagic, Pixabay)

The SILA conference will discuss policies and legislation that can help attract human capital and foreign investments to Croatia, stimulate economic growth and the development of smart islands and regions. It will further discuss how policies and legislation can contribute to sustainable tourism and help develop our prosperous, knowledge-based society with the ability to face globalisation challenges and to preserve its national traditions and religious values whilst at the same time addressing key societal priorities and wellbeing needs of the local population.  

The conference will provide a discussion platform for companies, public authorities, universities, NGOs, investors and citizens on polices, legislations and concrete projects that they  expect to be implemented in the future to improve businesses, economics, wellbeing, tourism and other sectors by digitalisation and smart technologies.

It will discuss the implementation Smart Island Lab for Socio-Technological Innovation and Digitalization (SILI) 

The conference will be an international meeting place to discuss new projects and partnerships for future research programmes and other topics below  This international conference organized by EAI (European Alliance of Innovation) in cooperation with MIPRO will be held as a side event to the SDEWES conference.

The conference brings together islands communities, scientific and innovation communities, projects and international networks to present scientific research results, to discuss common interest and new opportunities to work together as well as to build new projects and partnerships.

The SILA conference aims and objectives:

  • to discuss innovative financing models for Smart Islands, Smart Cities and Regions projects
  • to demonstrate to local islands communities what options they might have in developing of their islands
  • to stimulate international clusters cooperation in the domains of smart green energy, smart tourism and health, environment, transport, social cohesion and wellbeing, with the objective to prepare for the next long-term EU budget for development and innovation 2012-2017 to be ready for calls  and to start preparing of several project proposals
  • to start and to provide a discussion platform on Dalmatian islands for continuous international dialogue on these topics.  

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