Webinar: How can education and schools support the energy transition?

19.05.2020 14:00
- 15:00

EU Islands Secretariat
Image: Pixabay (klimkin)

We hear it all the time: the children are the future. Whilst this does not discharge the current adult generation from the responsibility to take fast and ambitious action against climate change and for the energy transition, it is indeed crucial to ensure that the generations that follow are empowered to take the next steps.

Many islands have asked for inspiration and recommendations on how to involve schools and the younger generations in the energy transition. The speakers in this webinar will respond to exactly this question, sharing their experiences from installing solar panels on schools through collaboration with educators, students and municipalities; through educating students on how to reduce or eliminate waste; to enabling schools and their students to take charge of and manage their energy consumption.


  • Laura Moreno, Energy4All, UK
  • Marko Capek, Terra Hub & Initiative Sustainable Life, Croatia
  • Vincent Dierickx, EnergieID, Belgium

Webinar recording



Solar Schools


TerraHub / Sustainable Life Initiative
Low Waste


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