Finding island partners for EU funding

Published on 25.07.2019
Photo: Pixabay (Pixel2013)

Islands can tap into a number of financing opportunities to support their clean energy transition (see the Secretariat's quick-reference guide on financing for more information).

One of the opportunities at the European level is Horizon 2020, an EU Research and Innovation programme that aims to achieve smart, sustainable and inclusive economic growth. H2020 is organised in thematic sections each dedicated to a specific challenge. Energy is one of them. 

You can find further information on some relevant upcoming calls further down in this e-mail.

The grants provided through Horizon 2020 can be a useful support to decarbonise your island. At the same time, H2020 is a competitive programme, and preparing a proposal requires a significant amount of effort. Building a strong consortium is an important first step.   

A few island organisations have contacted the EU Islands Secretariat to find consortium partners for upcoming calls. In order to allow as many organisations as possible to connect with each other, the Secretariat will compile a contact list with organisations that are interested in the upcoming Horizon calls, and share this list among the organisations that have expressed interest so they can connect directly with each other. 

If you are interested to be part of this list please provide the following information to before 19/08:

  • Name of your organisation
  • Organisation type
  • Country
  • Contact name
  • Contact email
  • Call topic(s): Topic(s) you are interested. This can be in general or the name of the specific call.
  • Coordinator/Follower: Would you like to coordinate a project or prefer to join a consortium.

The EU Islands Secretariat will only share this information with other organisations that have expressed interest in joining this list, and only for the purpose of connecting island organisations in the context of the upcoming Horizon 2020 calls.

The list will be circulated with the interested organisations shortly after 19/08.


Information on upcoming Horizon 2020 calls

Open and forthcoming calls for Horizon 2020 projects are published on a web portal. Currently there are three forthcoming calls related to energy on islands:
LC-SC3-ES-3-2018-2020: Integrated local energy systems (Energy islands)
LC-SC3-ES-4-2018-2020: Decarbonising energy systems of geographical Islands
LC-SC3-ES-11-2020: Rapid Relief through Transitions on Islands

The deadline of these three calls is 29 January 2020.

Beside the calls on islands, there are also calls on individual technologies that can be applied to islands such as storage, smart grids, etc. More information is available in the 2018-2020 work programme.