Network Island Movement presents new website and brochure

Published on 05.03.2021
Island Movement brochure

The Island Movement is a network of islanders and devotees to islands and island life who use their shared knowledge, experience, and passion to support, help, and promote islands and living on them.

The Island Movement began as the Island Movement Initiative and is the result of the “More mogućnosti” Project (Eng. The Sea of Possibilities Project) implemented by the Buđenje Association from Šolta island. With the development of activities and in the membership as well as with the renaming of the association Buđenje into the Island Movement in 2017, the initiative has become a selfsustaining network of islanders that acts as a virtual network of Croatian islands.

With their new website and a freshly created brochure, Island Movement is providing more information about its people and activities they are working on. Visit the website and check out the brochure for more information.