Clean energy for EU islands Newsletter June Edition

Published on 28.06.2021
Newsletter June

The Clean energy for EU islands newsletter is available online. 

The newsletter is published every two months and includes exciting information on islands' clean energy activities, news from the secretariat, events, and inspiring island projects. 

This month, there is a recap on the sixths Clean energy for EU islands forum that took place on May 20-21 and a summary of the secretariat's first Energy Academy on Cyprus. The Energy Academy was entirely held in Greek, discussing Cyprus's policies on renewable energy and EU regulations. Throughout the year, there will be several more Energy Academies on other EU islands. 

Also read about projects on Samsø, Korčula, and Cress that are all working towards their clean energy transition. Find news from the H2020 project IANOS. The Horizon 2020 project “IntegrAted SolutioNs for DecarbOnisation and Smartification of Islands” (IANOS) – develops and tests tailor-made solutions for decarbonising geographical islands. It contributes to solving decarbonisation challenges the energy sector is facing on the lighthouse and fellow  islands. You can also find out about the Green Hysland project that works to produce and facilitate the use of green Hydrogen on Mallorca. 

The newsletter also informs about new EU regulations, initiatives and platforms that concern clean energy and pollution reduction. Find out about how to entrepreneurs use crowd funding to unlock the blue economy potential of Greece. 


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