We are moving (digitally)!

Published on 23.08.2021
New Website

The Clean energy for EU islands secretariat is moving (digitally)!

The secretariat’s website team is working hard to transfer the current euislands.eu website to the europa.eu domain. The transfer will result in a new look-and-feel, fully compliant with the EC guidelines and standards, as well as new features, including an overview of regulatory information on renewables on EU member states with islands. It is expected that September will see the launch of the revamped website. Until now, there are only sketches of what the new website will look like. Stay tuned for a sneak peek!

To everyone already having an account on the old website, don’t worry! As part of the move to europa.eu, we intend to create a new engagement platform for which we will reach out to the existing user base to facilitate ease of login. Your data won’t be lost, and we’ll help you to log in after the move.