Green Salina Energy Days

Published on 18.07.2019

The "Green Salina Energy Days" took place in Salina from 27 to 29 June 2019. The event was organized by ENEA, with the participation of all partners of the Clean Energy for EU Islands Initiative: the Regione Siciliana Department of Energy, the Municipalities of Leni, Malfa and Santa Marina Salina, the Hotel Association "Salina Isola Verde", the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV) and the environmental association "Marevivo" non-profit organization.

The three-day meeting in Salina was an opportunity to discuss, collect and evaluate proposals, ideas and critical issues, to define the energy transition agenda of Salina and later those of Pantelleria and Favignana (the other two Sicilian islands selected as pioneering islands by the Clean Energy for EU Islands Secretariat). 

The focus of the three days of work was primarily on energy, but discussions also touched on other important and related topics, such as water and waste, the economic and social outlook, and the "resilience" of the entire, delicate, island system.

The meetings further focused on governance and technological aspects necessary to seize the opportunities and overcome the problems related to the island decarbonisation path. The winning formula chosen was to organize three think tanks in the evening, held in the three municipalities, and two seminars at Malfa auditorium for a commitment of all relevant players: the mayors of the three municipal administrations involved, dr. Clara Rametta, mayor of Malfa, prof. Giacomo Montecristo, mayor of Leni and dr. Domenico Arabia, mayor of Santa Marina Salina. The works were coordinated by the ENEA’s Department of Energy Efficiency Unit.

Find the full event report here