The Energy Office Menorca 2030 is now open to all citizens

Published on 03.02.2020
Menorca Reserva de la Biosfera

On September 23, 2019, a collaboration agreement was signed between the Ministry of Energy Transition and Productive Sectors of the Government of the Balearic Islands, the Insular Council of Menorca, the Menorca Biosphere Reserve Agency and the Menorca Waste and Energy Consortium, for the creation of a boost office for the Menorca 2030 Strategy.

The creation of the office, as a reference center for all energy-related issues in Menorca, is one of the aims of the Menorca 2030 Strategy, the road map to decarbonize Menorca energy system developed in 2018.

Specifically, it is an open service for individuals, companies, entities and public administrations, which offers assistance in improving energy efficiency and in the implementation of renewable energies and sustainable mobility, also to access the different existing aid lines, as well as organization of acts of dissemination and training in energy matters.

At the moment the office is located in the capital of Menorca, Mahón, and it is also planned to provide services in Ciudadela.

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