Covid-19 across the European Small Islands: A Snapshot

Published on 18.05.2020
Image: European Small Islands Federation

(content by the European Small Islands Federation)

While it is true that there are differences in how European countries are handling the Covid-19 emergency, there are commonalities. All agree that, at least one day in the future, life will follow a “new normal” and will be forever changed both positively and negatively.

European Islands do have their own unique needs with regard to protection against the virus and the recovery of their communities and economies. Generally, many Island economies depend on tourism. Access is by ferries – be they traditional, hovercraft or RIB – and to a lesser degree airplane. Some Islands are under complete lockdown where none but permanent residents are allowed to travel to the Islands – others allow those with second homes on the Island to quarantine there. While Covid-19 protection roadmaps in some countries are beginning to lessen restrictions, some Islands will be protected from Covid-19 by keeping the Islands closed to visitors for another couple of months.

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