La Palma launches interactive map of organisations committed to the energy transition

Published on 24.07.2020
map with markers
Image: La Palma Renovable

The transition team on the Canary Island La Palma has just launched an interactive map highlighting all the local organisations that have signed a pledge and committed themselves to actively supporting the energy transition on the island.

This digital tool will be available on the web and will expose the carbon footprint of the signatory organizations.

In this way a further step is taken in the objective of La Palma Renovable to reach a 100% renewable island through the elaboration of the Energy Transition Agenda, always following a transparent, democratic, decentralized model, from the citizenship, and to promote a new energy culture on the island.

Since the island of La Palma was selected by the European Commission as one of the 6 pilot islands of the "Clean Energy for the EU islands" project to develop the Island's Energy Transition Agenda, various organizations have signed the commitment to sustainability proposed by La Palma Renovable. The Cabildo Insular, the majority of the island's municipalities, institutions and palm companies have signed this commitment, which they are committed to not only improving the energy efficiency of their activity and the transition to renewables, but also means collaborating with other entities to achieve the objective in the fastest and most participative way possible.

La Palma Renovable is a project born from a citizen movement and financed by the island government, Cabildo de La Palma.

View the interactive map here