Benefit from ICE to implement smart energy solutions on your territory

Published on 10.03.2021
Hugh Town Isle of Scilly

Interreg project Intelligent Community Energy (ICE) plans new feasibility studies and experimentations on energy solutions for islands in 2021.

The partners of the ICE project are going ahead in helping and supporting isolated territories and especially islands in building and deploying smart energy solutions for their territories. With new assigned budgets, ICE will deliver further studies and experimentations for islands willing to investigate or implement new solutions in 2021.

ICE has already performed in the past 25 feasibility studies globally and has tested the methodology on 4 different European Islands (Lundy and Isles of Scilly in the UK, Molène and Chausey in France) and has implemented specific solutions on the Ushant island (France).

In 2021, the ICE partners will perform new feasibility studies in order to better design energy solutions and implement new experimentations to test specific solutions. In this framework, the ICE Club of territories Team will select islands that could benefit from the support either from the studies or the experimentations or funding needs. The selection will take place between March and April 2021. 

Islands interested in the support and funding of ICE are invited to take part in a questionaire.