Online Capacity Building Program on Sustainable Energy for Islands

Published on 14.04.2021
Wind turbines

Such as Solar Photovoltaics, Solar Thermal and Ocean Energy technologies, Bioenergy, Energy Efficiency and Thermal Optimization in buildings, Mini-grids and Energy Storage in Insular Power Systems, E-mobility and an overview on Energy, Climate Change Mitigation and Resilience in island regions.

Learning takes place in an e-learning platform and delivery can be done either in self-study or through trainers.

There are two ways of participating:

  • Participation as a student undertaking the courses by self-learning or joining a conducted training. Students will receive a course certificate.
  • Become trainer and train others

The program has been developed by fulfilling CIEMAT’s quality criteria in terms of scientific and technical expertise, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) tools, methodological and pedagogical resources. 

This program has been launched on December 7, 2020. 

Please find more information on the program and how to sign up here