Clean energy for EU islands forum, 20 – 21 May 2021

Published on 25.05.2021
Clean energy for EU islands forum

This year’s Clean energy for EU islands forum took place on May 20 - 21. The event was a great success with around 270 participants and more than 50 speakers. Kadri Simson, European Commissioner for Energy, held an intriguing opening speech on the first day.

“The clean energy transition and our climate ambitions are not about stripping away our way of life. They are about evolving towards a new one. I don’t see it as a challenge to overcome, but an opportunity to be seized.  And I hope that all of you can see and embrace those opportunities for your islands.” - Kadri Simson

The EXPLORE area of the event was filled with various exhibitor booths that participants could browse through or engage with. There were 104 meeting requests during the two days of the forum.

If you want to have a more detailed overview of the forum and the sessions' content, visit this link

You can also rewatch the forum here

EU Islands have sent their energy transition story as a video to the Clean energy for EU islands secretariat. If you woud like to rewatch the trailer, take a look at the individual videos or get inspired, click here

During day two of the forum, the outcome of the Call for Technical Assistance was published and the chosen projects announced. For more information on the results of the call and the 20 selected projects, click here.  

Topics of sessions included how to enable funding and financing for islands’ clean energy transition projects. Day two of the event included online site visits to various successfully implemented clean energy island projects that gave an insight into challenges and lessons learned from the overall process. Engaging workshops that aimed at clarifying questions and promote projects’ development phases to the next level also took place on day two, followed by a project pitch.

The winners of this project pitch are, by public vote, the wave to energy project from Saint-Phillipe, La Réunion presented by Fanny Sauvignon and by expert vote, AquaBattery from Pantelleria in Italy presented by Juan-Sebastian Alvarez Rincon. 












Your Feedback

We appreciate your feedback on the event and would like to know what you think of the Clean energy for EU islands forum 2021. Therefore, we provided a short feedback questionnaire. We aim for ongoing improvement of our events, that’s why your answers to this survey counts!

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Thank you for your time. This information is especially valuable for the preparations of the next forum.