Published on 07.02.2019

Welcome to the Clean Energy for EU Islands Secretariat’s events page. You'll find up-to-date information on upcoming workshops, Forum’s, technical fairs, webinars and other events around the clean energy transition on EU islands soon.


Upcoming Events

15. - 29.09.2020 Online QuinteQ
Come and join a world-class group of energy sustainable energy transition experts and supporters to learn from an international panel about how to boost resilience through military and humanitarian, islands and remote, and commercial and industrial microgrids. READ MORE
01. - 15.10.2020 Online EU Islands Secretariat, Energie Samen, Texel municipality
This October, the Clean Energy for EU Islands Secretariat with the support of Energie Samen, the umbrella organization of the renewable energy communities in the Netherlands, and the municipality o READ MORE
Finland workshop picture
Pargas city hall/Strandvägen 28, Pargas Clean Energy for EU Islands Secretariat & FÖSS
On 7 October, The National Association of Finnish Islands, the Archipelago Sea Unesco Biosphere Reserve and the Clean Energy for EU Islands Secretariat will host a combined online and physical work READ MORE
26. - 29.10.2020 Zoom (online) EU Islands Secretariat
Due to the current health and travel situation, this year's edition of the Clean Energy for EU Islands Forum will be held online. READ MORE
09. - 10.03.2021 Madeira, Portugal Energynautics GmbH
Postponed due to COVID-19: International experts will convene in Madeira, Portugal for the 5th International Hybrid Power Systems Workshop to share their project experiences and to detect areas in need of improvement. READ MORE