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With more than 16 million tourists annually, Mallorca, the so-called “pearl of the Mediterranean” - offers great potential to become an international showcase for hydrogen and fuel cell integration at island scale.
The Horizon 2020 project “IntegrAted SolutioNs for DecarbOnisation and Smartification of Islands” – develops and tests tailor-made solutions for decarbonising geographical islands.
Croatia has more than 1,000 islands off its coast, of which approximately 50 are inhabited, with only 17 islands having populations greater than 1,000 people. Most of the inhabited islands are already connected to and reliant on the national electrical grid.


Find events relevant to the clean energy transition on EU islands here! To keep you informed about as many interesting events as possible, we include events organised by the EU Islands Secretariat as well as from external organisers.
World Sustainable Energy Days 2021
21. - 25.06.2021 Online and Offline World Sustainable Energy Days 2021
The World Sustainable Energy Days 2021 are a three day hybrid (online and offline) event comprised of various conferences on a variety of different topics.  READ MORE
Energy Exhibition of Greece
08. - 10.07.2021 Cretan Energy Conferences
From this year onwards the International Energy Exhibition of Greece is integrated in the organization of the Cretan Energy Conferences. The International Energy Exhibition will be held in Crete fr READ MORE
Wind Mills
This workshop and matchmaking event is jointly organised by the H2020 Smart Islands Energy Systems (SMILE) project partners and the Enterprise Europe Networ READ MORE