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We are a one-stop-shop for Europe’s island communities transitioning to clean energies. Whether you are looking to connect with other island communities, technical experts, if you need support on project development, or if you're just looking for practical materials to help you advance the transition on your island - you're in the right place.

Are you looking to join the EU islands community, or curious about how we can support your community in particular? Come in, and find out!

COVID-19: The Clean Energy for EU Islands Secretariat is working from home to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This means we are not reachable via landline. We remain fully available via e-mail and look forward to hearing from you!



On 17 September, the Municipality of of Kassos, together with the Clean Energy for EU Islands Secretariat and KASIOS COINSEP, co-organized a meeting in the courtyard of Kassos High School to discuss the island's energy transition with the local community.
Thanks to the national partners of the Clean Energy for EU Islands Secretariat, islands can now learn about the island-related policies in their country and other EU countries in one place. The information compiled in this document involves 9 policy briefs provided by some of the supporting organisations in the EU-wide island community.
The programme will focus on creating stronger links between the EU institutions and the local actions on the island. Representatives from different institutions will introduce their role in creating the enabling framework for the decarbonisation of EU islands, and island communities will present and discuss their activities with peers and EU representatives. 


Find events relevant to the clean energy transition on EU islands here! To keep you informed about as many interesting events as possible, we include events organised by the EU Islands Secretariat as well as from external organisers.
15. - 29.09.2020 Online QuinteQ
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01. - 15.10.2020 Online EU Islands Secretariat, Energie Samen, Texel municipality
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Pargas city hall/Strandvägen 28, Pargas Clean Energy for EU Islands Secretariat & FÖSS
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